SPRING 2009 News Letter

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Monk Wooden Boat Club Revival

After resting for over two years its time to wake up and revive the Monk Boat Club. This is the Restart Newsletter. I and a new member, Nelson Humiston, are setting up a Monk Boat Club, Yahoo Group, online Chat Room for the Monk Wooden Boat Club. I am sending an invitations to all current members of the club. You can sign up or choose not to. If You would rather not sign up just ignore and delete the email. You will still be a Club member and will recieve emails and newsletters by regular club emails and mailings. The Chat room is for members to communicate with all those who choose to be on the the chat room.

This is to help us restart the Monk Wooden Boat Club. We hope to resume having meetings, cruises, events, etc.

When your invitation comes click on the box that says "JOIN THIS GROUP" and fill out the membrship form. Its Free -- no charge. Your invitation may not show up for 4 or 5 days.

I will put more information on the club website soon about this.

Yours truly Mike Butler ( The Web Guy)


The 2009 the Olympia Wooden Boat Association Fair will be held Saturday and Sunday, May 9th and 10th, 2009. Our Club members are encouraged to attend. It is at

Percival Park Landing in Olympia. Wooden boats of all types, their owners and crew are invited to join in the festivities. Several of our club members have attended over the years with and without their boats. At the Sunday morning participant’s breakfast in 2006, club members, Dick and Jean Guertin’s boat "Menemsha" was voted to receive the " Favorite Boat Award ". They were presented with a nice award plaque. See link below to sign up.

Its to late to sign up as Boat registration closes April 12th. It is a fun event even if you don,t take your boat.


A club dinner will be scheduled for the Monk Club if enough members attend the fair.

Thanks go to Will and Nancy Thompson who made reservations in 2006 for the Monk Wooden. A Boat Club at Mercato Ristorante 2006, during the Festival on Saturday evening. We had a private room, for the 11-attending members Waggoner Cruising Guidebook was given as a door prize.

June 24 & 25, 2006 Cruise Rendezvous and Potluck Dinner at Brownsville. Thanks go to Art Schick and Barbara who sponsored and organized the event. The six club boats attending were Sea Star, Channone, Flamingo, Paramour, Menemsha, and September Song. Will and Nancy arrived by car. Saturday evening a delicious Potluck Dinner was held in the covered pavilion at the foot of the dock. Sunday morning was spent visiting each other’s boats before departing for our homeports

No other club events were held in 2006

No Cruises or Club Events were held In 2007 0r 2008


Gig Harbor Antique & Classic Yacht Festival June 5-7, 2009 and Blessing of the Fleet

Place-Jerisich Dock, GIG HARBOR, WASHINGTON. For more information, contact Laurie Rice:phone: (253) 225-8677

We hope to schedule more events and need member input as to where and when you would like to have an event.

Please, if you have a suggestion and are willing to sponsor a club event call Mike Butler now. It just might happen. The club email is email@edmonkwoodenboatclub.org

Member News, Send News you want in the Newsletter

Heres some old news from 2006. Dick Guertin says this is his favorite cruising destination.

Member news about summer happenings and cruises include Paramour and Menemsha cruising to Bella Bella and Eucott Hot springs in BC, Canada the summer of 2006.

Paramour encountered a huge school of Pacific White Sided Dolphins in Dean Cannel. The dolphins were all around and under the boat for 30 minutes or more. At Times 6 dolphins were riding our bow waves. At Eucott Hot Springs the water in a small creek, flowing from the Hot Springs, was so warm you could not keep your feet in the water. It was to dark to take pictures of the hot tub, created by diverting the creek water into a pipe, which flowed into the tub. Bricking up the spaces between several large rocks made the tub. Quite primitive but it works well. See picture of Dolphins below.

Hello Members, After the Brownsville meeting, in June 2006, Betty and I left for 2 months of cruising in British Columbia. Had a wonderful trip. We have been venturing farther each year and now cruise mostly in northern BC and Alaska. See the picture of several pacific white-sided Dolphins we saw in British Columbia north of Vancouver Island the last two summers. Try to count how many dolphins are in the picture.


BOATS FOR SALE. Members Boats will be given a full description on the club "Classified" webpage. Sellers if your boat has been sold please let Mike B know so we can remove it from for sale list. Only members may list boats for sale. See the classified page of the club website for more information about the club boats currently for sale.



Teal the Tug



Royal Scott

Lady Grace

Joint Venture

Yankee Doodle



Flying Free " 42' ED MONK, SR. DESIGN MY w/Cockpit & Flying Bridge Built 1967"


Nan-Ed Monks Boat sold and has been shipped to Germany.

Hinemoa may still be for sale.

New Members Welcome them aboard

Marty Loken has a 1959, 19' cabin Cruise and a Bell Boy Express cruiser. Both are Monk designs. Joined in September 2006.

Michael Bucove and Randi Sulkin have a 52', 1969 Monk design; McQueen named Dragonfly. They are the third owners having purchased the boat in 2001. Joined in July 2006.

David and Karn Miller have purchased the club boat Sea Nymph II a 1946, 42', Monk from Dan Mason. Joined February 2007.

Jim and Alison Crellin own the Lily D, a 40', Monk built by Tripple and Everett, Oly in 1966 .They joined in 2007.

Jim and Renee Phoenix, have a 30', 1947 Monk built by Skansie Bros. They homeport in Tacoma, WA. Joined March 2007.

Bert and Mary Parker own the sailboat "Happy Lady" a 1969, 45' Monk the live aboard in Pleasant Harbor on Hood Canal. They Joined in 2007.

Melinda Wade (Daugther of Judy and Larry Wade) has joined the club in August of 2007 and is looking for the right boat.

Dana and Saum Harrington Purchased an unknown named 28', boat. It had been shipped to from Wasington State to New York . They are having it shipp on to Vermont. They Joined in 2007.

Larry and Teri Walker purchased the 1950, 36', Tu Tu Bags from Dan and Barb . It is now home ported in California. They joined in 2007.

Nelson Humiston and Terrie Stevens have a 28', 1947 Monk they home port in Olympia. They joined in 2008.

Ben De Motto and their 75', boat Chula Mia, built by Grandy in Seattle. The home port is in Del Ray, California. Joined in 2008.

John and Jane Lebens have the Suellen a 1951, 36', monk built by Hascall-Blanchard. They joined in 2008.

James and June Smith bring to the Club the Summer Wind III, a 44', monk built in 1947 by Jensen Motor Boat Co. in Seattle. Joined in 2008.


Member Memorial News

Our love and sympathy goes out to the families.

Richard Walmach.

Mike Lacy

John Medcalf

Please update your e-mail Address

Several members had Club emails returned marked "Recipient does not exist". If you have changed your email address please update your email address to


Treasury Report – No Dues Collection Needed

Treasury Report as of 4-4-09 is $878.33 in the bank and 30 burgees in stock.

There will be no dues collection at this time as there are sufficient funds for the season’s activities.

We have the website paid up through March of 2010.

There are 35 each of the 12’ x 18" Burgee’s in Stock valued @ $20.00 each = $700